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There are 962,000,000 Google results displayed when looking for JOB Search pages.

Unfortunately, most of the results are irrelevant when considering the predicament of business professionals of boomer age who are out of work (and desperate for income), underemployed, or unhappily employed and just looking for a different opportunity.

Conventional job searching tactics have proven unproductive so it might well be time for a change of focus. Jobs for boomers may indeed be few, but work is plentiful as the unremitting challenges and problems virtually every business encounters – all the time. The work exists because decision makers are forced to prioritize objectives, no matter how urgent they may be, until sufficient time and/or expertise becomes available to deal with them.


Any one of these languishing business priorities can represent a unique opportunity for appropriately skilled/experienced boomers to immediately address as contractors to resolve as discrete projects… or Gigs.

To land fulfilling and purposeful work in generally less than 30 days, boomer business professionals need only change their search focus from POSITIONS to PROJECTS, and follow a few suggested steps. We guide qualified candidates in the gig marketing tactics of personal branding, promotion, target research, and also share insights in solution proposing, project planning, fee setting, and much more, all for the purpose of finding and landing worthwhile project work.

Being an over-50 job applicant can be an unpleasant experience as boomers know all too well; the constant resume submittals, the lack of response, the superficial interviews that a few and far between, and if you’re lucky enough to receive an offer, the compensation package is typically weak at best.

Boomers don’t have to suffer the humbling experience of job-searching a moment longer.

Consider pursuing a career of engaging gig work: lucrative, challenging, new ideas, new contacts, security and flexibility. You become your own boss. You can be self-sufficient and build a practice that enables you to select from abundance of projects.

Join us to investigate the potential of gig opportunities. Start by registering your email to learn whether gig work is a suitable option for you, and take back the control over your career!


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